Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jorum releases new Roadmap

Jorum has seen a number of significant changes over the past year, and through listening to our community a number of new developments are set to continue to roll out over the coming months, all of which have been encapsulated in a new Jorum Roadmap.

This new document outlines our plans for Jorum until July 2011, and describes a plan of action and aims for Jorum over the coming academic year.

The roadmap focuses on improving the quality of the experience for users of Jorum so that it can better enable users to find, share and discuss learning and teaching resources. It also covers our strategic aims, areas we intend to look at over the coming months, and contains indicative timings of when we will be focusing on each new development.

This is an evolving document, as we know that our environment and user requirements change constantly, and we want Jorum to adapt to those needs.

We would be keen to hear your thoughts and views on this document, have we missed anything? Please reply to a thread in the 'Jorum discussion forum' at the Jorum Community Bay, (you will need to log in first) or send us your questions via our feedback form.

The post can be found within the 'Jorum Discussion forum' at the top of the page.

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