Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Re-Licensing Jorum's Resources to be Fully Open

Jorum is moving forward with a focus on Open Educational Resources (OERs). From the 1st of August 2011, Jorum, JISC's national learning and teaching repository service, will be providing access to content available under Creative Commons (CC) licences only. We plan for content, which had either been made previously available under an Institutional licence (which expires 31 July 2011), or an Education UK licence, which restricts access only to those in the UK, to become available, in time, under CC licences following a process of re-licensing. Jorum has supported different licensing regimes over time, in response to different approaches to sharing, and as IPR awareness and the willingness to share have evolved, Jorum again has adapted . We have now chosen to simplify Jorum to help make its offering to the educational community clearer and to respond to the need to operate in a leaner financial climate. Focusing on open educational content indicates the start of Jorum's future vision. In the coming months, we will be building on this simplified approach to improve the user experience of Jorum, above all in continuing to build and develop the service as a trusted place where the UK OER community can share their resources, as well as find other openly-licensed content. If you do have requirements for us to host content under a more restrictive licence, we would be pleased to hear from you so that we can consider these possibilities as we take Jorum forward. Please contact for more information.

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