Tuesday, 7 June 2011

DSpace Release -- Reposting

DSpace: Jorum update makes finding relevant content easier

Originally Posted: 19 May 2011

The latest update to Jorum, the UK’s national repository for free teaching resources, helps users to more easily find content relevant to them through clearer labelling and an improved ‘advanced search’ function. Those users who share their resources through Jorum will also benefit from improved data-entry facilities.

Clearer Labelling:

‘Green tick’ symbols show users which resources they can access as soon as they start to browse or search. Where these symbols appear, a message at the top of the page explains their meaning. This message also tells users how they can access those resources without the ‘green tick’: resources which have been designed exclusively for the education community in the UK.

The Jorum team has reviewed the navigational text for several areas of the service, to clarify terms such as “HE” (Higher Education) for users in the UK and overseas. The layout of some pages has also been updated, to help users better understand which resources are stored in Jorum and which are stored elsewhere.

Improved Advanced Search:

A re-designed ‘advanced search’ function enables users to more easily search for resources which have been shared with a particular licence, such as Creative Commons (for Open Educational Resources) or Jorum EducationUK (for resources designed exclusively for the education community in the UK).

Easier Data Entry:

Jorum will now automatically separate author and keyword metadata where there is a comma; a feature which enables users to enter metadata more quickly.

Jorum seeks to continually improve its service and welcomes any feedback:







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