Wednesday, 19 January 2011

JorumOpen celebrates 1st Birthday today!

It has been 12 months to the day since the release of JorumOpen, which has grown to become the vast collection of Open Educational Resources (OER) you see today.

JorumOpen now hosts or points to over 11,300 freely available learning and teaching resources. Through JorumOpen anyone, anywhere can find, use and repurpose learning and teaching resources - all from one convenient place.

"Being in Jorum means that your resources are more visible in Google searches. And who can tell what the educational impact of that might be? By publishing your materials as open educational resources, their educational benefits have the potential to be felt by learners far beyond their original learning contexts. It’s impossible to predict how big an impact a resource can have, but it’s almost unethical not to share it and deprive other learners of its potential"

Katy Jordan, The University of Cambridge

Feedback throughout the year has been extremely encouraging. We have learnt a lot along the way, and by listening to ours users and gathering feedback, we will keep developing and evolving the service. We know there is still work to do, and would like to express our thanks to all our ‘finders’ and ‘sharers’ of resources, for your continued backing, help and advice shared.

Jorum continues to work closely with the JISC Open Educational Resources programme, and hosts or points to all outputs from this programme. Thanks to this programme, Jorum users will see many more of the most exciting and innovative resources from across the country being shared openly.

“JorumOpen’s growing collection of resources shows the enthusiasm for sharing openly licensed teaching materials”

Amber Thomas, Programme Manager, JISC Innovation Group

The Jorum team will continue to actively promote resources shared from all our depositors, to help further raise awareness of their excellent work.

Development work continues; with many more changes being unveiled soon…watch this space!

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