Monday, 1 November 2010

Do you use Jorum? - Have your say on our future

The Jorum team has recently launched a survey for anyone who would like to provide feedback on using the Jorum service. The survey (which should take no longer than ten minutes) also asks for your thoughts on peer review of resources found within JorumOpen, and the use of metadata.

The aim of the survey is to gather feedback on how respondents use Jorum now, and to obtain ideas and requirements for Jorum's future.

The survey is available above, or via the following link:

There is also a link to the survey on the Jorum Community Bay.

The survey will close just before midnight on Wednesday 10th November 2010.

We thank you for your time. Your participation will provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback, which will help us to plan future developments for Jorum.

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