Monday, 8 November 2010

JorumOpen: Better preview and editing from today

We have listened to our users and have now added enhanced features to the JorumOpen collection. We were asked to simplify and improve the way you preview content in JorumOpen, and we have done just that.

The technical team have been working hard to bring around these latest changes, which now boasts the following three key features:

1. Better Previewing of Content Packages

When viewing a content package, you will see that we have tidied up how the item displays, and have organised the package to make it easier to view. Previously, when viewing a content package you were faced with a complete list of files within the package, now the resource displays as originally intended.

2. Improved Resource Editing

You can now fix mistakes yourself in JorumOpen, by editing or deleting the resources you have shared. You can add new files to your resource, delete individual files within a resource, or delete the whole resource.

To edit or delete a resource, simply login as a depositor at JorumOpen ( Select 'Deposits' under the 'My Account' section. Select the resource you wish to edit/delete, then click 'Edit this item' under 'Context'. You can then select different options - either change the metadata, or delete the item completely.

We do not currently offer version control, so once you delete a resource in JorumOpen, it will be gone. If you wish to create a new version of a resource (for a new academic year, for example), we would encourage you to deposit the new version of your resource separately. Remember: there may still be other users who want to use the previous version.

3. Simplified Download Options

Exporting or previewing resources is now a simple task, with only two buttons to choose from - 'Package Download', or 'Package Preview'.

If you have not previously logged in as a depositor, selecting the 'Package Download' button, will ask you to input your e-mail address, from which you will receive an e-mail with a link to the full IMS content package, compatible for use in your VLE. Also, if the item you are wishing to download was originally a SCORM1 package, you will receive a SCORM package.

The 'Package Preview' button allows you to preview the resource before downloading.

You will also see the 'Package Download' button when viewing web links. This will include all the relevant links and attached metadata, and will be downloaded as an IMS package 2.

We hope that these new enhanced features will make previewing and sharing resources in JorumOpen a much more user-friendly experience.

1. The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a technical specification that governs how e-learning is created and delivered to learners. SCORM is the “secret sauce” that operates behind the scenes to make things compatible.

IMS Content Package is an international standard for simple learning content that is created by authoring software.

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