Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Jorum reveals a new visual identity

As a new term begins, Jorum commences the academic year with more than just new resources, but a completely new look!

The Jorum service, which has seen numerous changes over the last year, began its transformation in January 2010 with the release of JorumOpen.

This new collection, which has grown rapidly, currently offers over 10,000 resources, all deposited under Creative Commons (CC) licences. This collection has catapulted Jorum into the limelight, as the place to find free learning and teaching resources – available to anyone, worldwide. And, with new resources being deposited daily, including through the UKOER
[1] programme, it is set to continue to grow.

As a result of this recent growth in resources, and feedback received from our users, it is the perfect time to adapt Jorum’s look - to further enhance the service, promote the resources, and highlight the value and benefits of Jorum.

Our aim was to create an identity that works across all methods of communication, which first and foremost promotes what is at the heart of our service – the resources in Jorum. Alongside this we wanted to clarify Jorum’s three key areas - Find, Share and Discuss.

Our new identity now clearly brings these areas to the forefront:

Find - All of our users want to find learning and teaching resources quickly and easily. There are thousands of ready-made learning and teaching resources in Jorum, including Open Educational Resources (OER) that are freely available to anyone, worldwide. Each resource has been created and contributed by our community of users within the UK, and you can often find not just resources in our collections – but also valuable ideas.

Share – Jorum enables you to share resources – it’s what our service is about, and what we believe in. Resources can be deposited in either of Jorum’s two collections –JorumUK or JorumOpen, allowing you to choose how you want to share – within the UK, or worldwide.

Discuss - Jorum isn’t just about learning and teaching resources. It’s about sharing learning, and learning about sharing, hence our new strapline: “Learning to share”. Many users want to share their experiences of creating and using resources, and to find out what other people have done, and how they have done it. Anyone can join the discussion by selecting ‘Community’ on the Jorum website.

The Jorum team has developed the visual identity based around these key benefits throughout the year, culminating in the release of a new look website on the 1st September 2010. Visitors can now clearly see the Find, Share and Discuss areas of Jorum as icons, and view featured resources at the top of the page. Click on any of the icons to be taken to easy ways to do just that - find resources, share resources, and discuss all issues around creating and sharing resources.

We hope this new identity will not only improve the service, through its clear and concise branding, but also promote the amazing resources that can be found in Jorum. We pride ourselves on a set of key characteristics – that Jorum is a strong, reputable, recognizable, and a trustworthy place to find all types of learning and teaching resources. We are proud of our new look, and we hope it will be well received by our community of users.

The official launch is at the
ALT-C conference, 7th - 9th 2010 September, where visitors will be able to witness our new look, exhibition stand and literature. Alongside this, we will also be announcing the winners of the Jorum Learning and Teaching Competition!

The new logos and brand guidelines can be accessed by visiting the ‘
About us’ section on the Jorum website, or under the ‘Film, images and sound’ section on the Jorum Community Bay.

Jorum. Learning to share.

Access thousands of free ready-made learning and teaching resources, created by the UK Further and Higher Education Community.

[1] www.jisc.ac.uk/oer

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