Thursday, 1 July 2010

Jorum Unified Search Tool - now available

Jorum are pleased to announce that they have now released their new unified search tool, enabling users to search for resources held within both collections (JorumOpen and JorumUK) at once, providing quick and instant results.

This new tool, which has been developed by the Jorum technical team will provide one simple search box, akin to any search engine - providing rapid results gleaned from both collections.

Input a search term to find resources, where you will also be presented with other possible alternatives, so you can see what is available instantly. Once a clear list of filtered results has been returned, those searching can then select tagged keywords, further defining search options.

Filters can be implemented such as - ‘sort by relevance’, ‘date’ and ‘title’, along with the ability to select suitable RSS feeds based on the search criteria. Simply perform a search and click on the RSS icon in your browser location bar to see the feed, then subscribe it to your feed reader. For this to be most effective, the sorting criteria should be ‘Date Descending’, allowing the feed reader to pick up new items in the search, displaying them at the top of the list.

This is the first release of the tool, which is still in development, and we would value any feedback on your experience. You can post your comments within a dedicated discussion forum on the Jorum Community Bay, or fill in the feedback form on the website.

Providing feedback allows us to incorporate your views and ideas into future releases.

We hope that this search tool will provide the ideal way to find and share resources through Jorum’s collections – simply, quickly and effectively.

Anyone can access the tool via the Jorum homepage and the Jorum Community Bay.

A direct URL is also available -

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