Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Working in Partnership - Demonstrating support for the FE communities

Following the extremely informative series of JISC case studies, we would like to feature Jorum's story which can now be viewed in this visually presented format.

The JISC case studies were initially created to demonstrate 'how the FE communities have used the expertise and experience of JISC-funded services to overcome challenges, to gain skills and to enhance the quality and value of what they offer'.


The Jorum case study features Carnegie College in south east Scotland which caters for over 11,000 full-time and part-time learners.


The challenge for them was to access high-quality digital learning resources at any time and encourage users to source and exploit those technologies to help practioners to find, share and reuse resources free of charge.

Making the most of Jorum

‘Jorum can save us time. Using materials from Jorum means that we do not have to start from scratch and create resources ourselves. There is a wide variety of content so you never know what you might find.’ Carolyn Groom Learning Digital Services Librarian, Carnegie College

Benefits achieved

In conclusion, the story highlighted the many benfefits of using Jorum and as a result has triggered change in the way that practitioners source credible resources. Jorum not only offers a wide variety of resources, but can reduce the duplication of effort, provide easy access to resources and encourage further use of the VLE.

Access the full story here

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