Friday, 22 May 2009

Jorum & the OER Programme

Jorum exists to assist sharing of learning materials. It takes two to share, which is why Jorum is a repository that supports two principal services - Jorum Contributor (supporting deposit) and Jorum User (supporting search and download).

With the launch of the Open Educational Resources (OER) programme being managed by JISC and the HEA, depositors will be able to choose one of three different types of licence for sharing content: JorumOpen, JorumEducationUK and JorumPlus.

All users need to respect the terms and conditions of use when using another's content but JorumOpen, which makes use of Creative Commons licensing, is the most flexible and the one that is being promoted for use in the OER programme. All content released under the OER programme will have the tag ukoer.

For more about the HEFCE/Academy/JISC Open Educational Resources Programme see:

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