Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Jorum Open Educational Resources report

JorumOpen will soon be providing an open service for L&T materials to a worldwide audience. It is clear from this and other recently commissioned reports, that momentum in OER provision is gathering pace around the UK and Jorum of course will play a large part in this movement.

The purpose of the Jorum Open Educational Resources (OER) Report was to examine the scope of learning and teaching materials being offered through open access, from around the world, focusing on:

- definitions of open being used by the various institutions, projects and services
- The development of open learning and teaching materials globally and the current state of play
- Where institutions, projects and services are providing course materials on open access, whether they provide all of their materials or just tasters
- The lessons that we can draw from this generally

Audience for this report

The audience is expected to be anyone in the UK educational communities, and similar communities globally, who are interested in offering educational materials on an open basis.

Click here to view the Jorum OER Report

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